A calming storm

Last night I sat in the dark and listened to the rain and thunder, I felt the rumble under me, the wind as it blew past my windows.  And for that brief time it was peace.  Peace from memories of a place I love…

I long to sit on the porch at my step-mothers lake house and watch a storm roll in.  Feel the breeze on my face, smell the rain in the air.

The lake is where I am free.  Its like my anxiety melts away just on the drive there.  Country back roads, windows down, the smell of summer.

And then I’m at peace.  Worries slip away in the warm sun, and the sounds of the water lapping on the beach.  During the week its like you own the entire lake  Maybe a boat or two will pass by, with a friendly wave.  Even the weekends are peaceful, sounds of children playing, neighbors stopping to say hi on their daily walk.

I don’t need anything but a book, a chair and a cold drink.  I can sit for hours.  I could stay forever…

But then, it always ends.  Time to return to my reality.

The storm last night makes me so hopeful although, knowing that spring is here finally.  Soon my safe haven will be waiting for me.




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