Coming out…about mental illness.

As I’ve begun this journey, I’ve come across a few “coming out letters” about anxiety, depression, ect.  What an amazing concept.  So many of us who do suffer from a mental illness suffer in silence.  The fear of being misunderstood.  Losing our jobs over it.  And well just plain old embarrassment.

I am, I suppose half in the closet.  I am very open with those close to me that I do suffer from anxiety and depression.  I am, also very lucky to have those close to me who have suffered anxiety much of their lives as well, and are a good support system for me.  But not everyone has that, or, knows they have others in their lives who understand better than they know.

But then we start to doubt…and wonder “What if, when you do tell someone what you deal with.  They just don’t get it?”

We suffer in silence instead because of our own fears.  How do you explain to someone whos never felt anxiety or depression so terrible it takes everything you have to even get out of bed?  Why at the last minuet you just don’t feel up to going out, because you feel the anxiety building so quickly all you want to do is hide?

As much as I try to put into words how it feels, I mean truly feels when I have a panic attack.  Give it a description so maybe others can start to understand what I feel.  Symptoms are so easy to put down, but the actual feelings…is different.




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