I was digging through my old computer from college today, and found this image mixed in with everything else.  It made me laugh, but then made me start thinking of some of the crazy fears I’ve had over the years…

There was a time when I was young, that I convinced myself people were always watching me.  Spying on me.  And would always see me when I did something stupid.  I’d have to check behind shower curtains before using the bathroom to make sure no one was behind them.  Oh hell I’d look in peoples cabinets to make sure there wasn’t something there.  Mirrors.  Oh how did I know it wasn’t a two way mirror?  Could someone be watching?  We adopt a new pet.  Well maybe whoever we got it from can somehow see me through the animal…oh lord I sound like a wacko.

I’d always convince myself it was silly.  But that fear was there.  In the back of my mind.  Nagging.  Even now.  It creeps in.  Its irrational, and silly.  But its made me feel so lonely all these years.  I’ve never told a single person these fears.  Not once.  But, here it is out there for everyone to read.  And that scares me most.


© Lindsey Sheret Reuse of this image is prohibited without consent of the photographer.


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