Pets and Anxiety/Depression


My pets save me every day.  Close friends and family pick on myself and The Other half that we have a Zoo.  Three cats…Cal, Echo, and Prelude, two Chinchillas Paode and Dhalia, two Fire Bellied Toads, the Bearded Dragon Nanashi (aka Dragon), and our albino snow leopard gecko name still TBD.

My days consist of me waking…usually late since I still try and keep my work schedule should I be able to go back.  First things first is a cup of hot coffee for me while I’m chatted at by the cats.  It’s breakfast time.

Which they get once I’m done with my coffee.  Lights, and check in’s on everyone else, spraying down the most hide for Gecko, misting my moss and plants in the toads tank.  Checking the Dragon making sure her water is full and fresh.  Then its Chinny time.  I take my time giving them their food and hay.  I talk to them.  (They don’t trust me as much, they belong to The Other Half), followed by treats and then its me time for a bit.

Sure it sounds like a lot of work.  Honestly its probably about 45 minuets at the start of my day when I take my time with everyone.  Having them all counting on me for their daily needs gives me a purpose.  I know they count on me every day.  Not just for the general daily care.  But for affection.

Ok not the toads, they pretty much just wanna chill at home and have crickets.  Nanashi, I have hand time with most days, shes very friendly and will sit with me while I watch tv, blog, you name it.  Gecko likes to be out to wander on me, which I enjoy.

The cats.  The are my saving grace.  They know when I need them the most.  Having one of them just hop up in my lap for a snuggle when I need it the most sometimes can help bring me back to reality.  I truly believe in the understanding between animals and their humans.  They know better than we do sometimes when we just need someone right there.  Who wont judge.  They just want to give you love.

I never knew until recently that there are also service dogs for people with mental illnesses  What a fantastic idea.  Being able to bring your companion.  The one who loves you, and wants to help you everywhere.  The amazing amount of help they can be getting someone with anxiety who has trouble leaving the house outside.  They are there to help you avoid situations that can set you off.  Help bring you back to reality when things get bad.

Speaking of my loves…they are telling me momma is taking too long with her coffee and it’s time to eat.


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