Why setting goals is important

Dance Copyright Lindsey Sheret

Setting small achievable goals to help get myself through the day was something I learned in a way, back when I spent some time in the psych ward.  I’ve attempted to keep doing in through my life the last few years.  Sometimes with better results than others as I seem to have a problem with having grand ideas and failing on the follow through.

This concept is something I’ve used as I’ve worked with at risk youth. (A little side on my job.  I am in essence a corrections officer in a low security residential facility for teens with behavioral issues/school/family/ect.  Most of my kids have some type of anxiety/depression/PTSD, some molested, others have other issues but you get the idea rough job.)

Many of the kids I work with have trouble keeping focused through the day, and when unfocused they turn to more…unhealthy ways of getting their energy out.  Its all a balancing act.  But little goals.  Sitting a kid down, and saying ok, so right now we are going to go do this together.  When we are done.  You can do with with so and so.  Then it will be time to do this.  It gives them confidence they know where their day will go when so often its been an uncertainty.  Uncertainty can lead to anxiety…and the downward spiral starts.  Focus, and knowing what the day will bring can help ease some of those anxieties.

But what about unfinished goals?  Thats why I choose small easy goals at first.  Things I know I can accomplish.  As those easy goals get easier for me.  I move on to harder goals to push myself.  It is also an exercise in knowing yourself.  Knowing where you are that day. Today is starting out not so well for me so I will push myself but not too hard.

Also, knowing that goals unfinished are ok.  They can always be your goal for tomorrow.  That I think is the hardest part.  But it teaches acceptance.  That not everything in life can be accomplished when we want but it doesn’t mean we fail.  And if we fail?  Does it hurt us?  No.  We always have tomorrow.


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