I am…moody.


This terrible mood has settled in to stay for awhile it seems.  I’m super moody today.  Everything is just annoying to me.  I want to scream…cry…pull my hair out…go back to bed…I don’t know.  I feel achy…my joints hurt….my knee is the worst of it…which was injured a few years back, and I have arthritis in it now…

I have no motivation to do a damn thing today.

Not even some art work…

I just keep telling myself maybe later..

I want it not to be cold out.  I want my damn windows open.  I want the fresh air.

I don’t want to be around people.  I can’t stand anything today.  Last thing I want to do is snap at some poor unexpecting person who does something that makes me mad for what ever reason.  Or worse.  Take it out on my Other Half because he did something without knowing and that…for whatever…reason has pissed me off.  Then I become the biggest brat in the world.  In public.  I can’t do that again.

So today I sit at home.  My cats seem to know I need some space.  Yet…they will come sit next to me for short times.  They know when I need them there.

Maybe just going back to bed would be a good idea…


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