Sleep. My friend. Why did you go…?

There is something so defeating about the insomnia starting.  Up until now while my sleep was riddled with constant waking and such, I was atleast sleeping.  Last night, I sat.  Hour…after hour…after hour…waiting…hoping for sleep.  Instead I think I dozed off just before 7am.

The Other half wakes at 8am to get ready for work.  No biggie.  Gotta take some pain relievers anyway.

Back to bed.


Ok.  TV on atleast I can close my eyes and listen to that.

Oh no…no no no…pain killers on an empty stomach I know better than that what was I thinking???!!  Twenty minuets throwing up…back to bed.  I think it was about 10 when I finally fell asleep.

I’m up now.  Kitties informed Momma that it was in fact breakfast time.

Time for coffee.  Maybe if I’m lucky a nap later.  I feel physically tired but my mind screams at me “IM AWAKE!!!!!!!”


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