I feel less than inspired to write let alone do anything else.

It’s been rough the last few days.  Just getting through the days.  Waiting.  Counting down until I can hope for some relief.  I’m left with an option of going to the ER.  Which at this moment almost seems tempting.  Except I know the cost of a visit is unneeded.  What if they want to keep me?  No.  I wont go.

Its a strange feeling.  Like everything is about to spin out of control.  The room.  I know is in one place.  But.  I feel it.  Starting to spin.  No.  And this is not because I’ve been taking anything or drinking too much.  No.  No.  This is daily.  Its like I have someone sitting on my chest.  Panic.  Anxiety.  Fear.  For no good reason.

I sit day after day.  Hoping.  Maybe it will be better today.  Maybe today will be a better day.

Sometimes I wish I could just sleep it all away…


2 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I have GAD as well and my only coping method has really been to write and blog. I know how exhausting anxiety can make you but don’t let it win. Think of the positive and you’ll overcome it. I’ve written a whole blog summarizing life and anxiety that I really think you could relate too. Please check it out as I’m trying to help others in similar experiences!

  2. Anxiety sucks and panic is just evil. Stinking brain chemistry. If you need help seek it out, no sense in needless suffering.

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