Cooking therapy…

Today the Other Half and I went to my Dad and Step-moms place. I love to cook for them. It gives my Dad a break from the daily cooking duties and I love to cook. Win win. Plus it’s so relaxing for me when I cook.

Today I made lasagna. Which I hate to brag but I’ve been told is amazing. It was amazingly relaxing cooking today. Which my lasagna is also a bit of a process since I make my sauce from scratch. Well mostly.

Anyway. It was a nice day. Good food. Relaxing. It was nice seeing my dad sit down with the Other Half and enjoy a hockey game while I cooked.

It also gave me a chance to sit down and talk to my dad about his side of the family and any mental health issues that we might have. Which seems to only be ADHD. Tomorrow will be a phone call to Mom. I want to try and really track our mental health genealogy. I realize now more than ever how important that can be.

Maybe if my my family knew what we know now about depression and anxiety my life would have been different. I remember so vividly being so scared to go to school. Apparently when I was in about first grade I refused to go to school and my father thought it was me being “defiant” and took me kicking and screaming to school. I have no memory of this.

I don’t want my niece and nephews to go through what I did. So long not knowing. So I will follow this as far as I can in our family.

I also realize how long I’ve suffered with anxiety. It’s always been the monster on my back…


2 thoughts on “Cooking therapy…

  1. I feel a similar way, it wasn’t an issue talked about when I was young, so my issues were quirks. At least you’ve realised now and seem like you’ve got a handle on it. Really enjoy your writing, keep it up x

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