Some relief…

Even though I’ve really not had that much to do recently. I feel like I’ve been running around crazy since last week.

Final DSS appointment was taken care of. Just need to stop back with the last of my paperwork and get my Medicaid card. Whew. Already was given my card and food stamps for the month. Thankfully. Atleast it makes getting food in the house easier.

Met the psychiatrist Monday. She decided to keep me on my 20mg lexapro for now, adding 50mg a day of hydroxyzine, 25mg in the mornings and the other 25 at night. Man it makes me sleepy. But it seems to keep the anxiety lower for now which means less Valium…5mg split in two for the day. No more propranolol since it’s dropping my blood pressure enough for them to be concerned.

I’m not sure how I feel about staying on the lexapro. But I’ll give it the next few weeks with the new meds and see how it’s going.

I can’t begin to explain how happy I am we decided to adopt our old man. Rōjin has been amazing for me. He’s so sweet and loving. He seems to sense when I’m getting amped up and comes and sits with me. Or will show me he wants to go for a walk. When I take him out I don’t feel that horrible anxiety like when I go out alone.



2 thoughts on “Some relief…

  1. The unconditional love you get from a pet, nothing can dream of comparing. He looks like a darlin’ babe!
    I was in hydroxyzine to make me sleep back when they were saying my mental illness was actually a sinus headache. Knocked me right out but I don’t believe it didn’t do anything for anxiety.

    But I am glad you have Rojin to cuddle with and chug through this rough patch. I wouldn’t be anywhere near as ‘okay’ without my pups and cats.

    • I’ve taken the hydroxyzine before for the anxiety and to help with sleep but in a much lower does. If my memory is correct it only worked for a short time. That’s always my worry with meds. I build up tolerances to them so quickly they never help long.

      I’m so thankful for my fur babies. They really keep me sane some days 🙂

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