Letting it go.

Ha. As if. My mind sure won’t let me.

Today I finally received my letter of termination from my job. Now I’d known about this for sometime as a relative also works at this place and she told my parents who told me.

Apparently the reason I never received the letter when it was sent was because they sent the f**king letter to an address I’ve not lived at in 2 years. Not to mention I had updated my address when I moved from that address to my last apartment and again when I moved to where I live now and had been getting all other mail at my current address from them. (I know this as they sent a photocopy of the original envelope with the wrong address and post date and return dates).


No. Seriously. WTF.

Then to add to the insult the actual letter says I have until 11am April 14 to turn in my keys or be charged $25 for each. Well gosh I never got the letter and turned them in after that date. So now I have to call and make sure that mess is cleared up.

I’m beyond angry. I wish I could let it all go but I can’t.

I’m so mad because they basically pushed me into a break down with such a hostile work environment over the past 6 months. And as much as I tried to speak up I wasn’t heard.

All the vindictive things I can do flash through my head. But I hold it in. Tomorrow I will make a polite call. And try and get the last of this cleared up. And move on.


One thought on “Letting it go.

  1. I am so with you. I worked for a local government for 13 years and even though I had the appropriate paperwork for FMLA established, I was told by my supervisor, they couldn’t work with me. There is no recognition in the professional world for mental health issues. I pulled my retirement when I left to take care of a mother who had a second stroke. I’ve read your earlier blogs. I need to apply for assistance as well, but am not sure I can handle the drama. If you have it in you, fight them. I didn’t. Depression and anxiety are illnesses. We can’t just get over it. It’s about time employers realized that. Wishing you peace, comfort and strength from a stranger who also knows the hell of 3 a.m. far too well.

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