It’s a little bit like dating.

I feel like the waiting period to start a new medication can sometimes feel like the anticipation of a first date. Why? Well. Any first date you’re nervous. Will you get along? Will things click? Could this be THE one?

Well that’s how I feel about starting this new med. What ifs start.

But I wonder…will it work? Could I feel better? Normal?

Or what if it’s a date from hell?

What if the worse happens.

This new med I start tomorrow, Viibryd while has it’s standard list of possible side effects. Actually pretty typical of depression/anxiety meds. For those of you not in the know these can include…

Trouble sleeping

But. The more research you do you find there can be some more serious side effects like easy to anger, mania, depression, suicidal thoughts or actions, weight gain…ect ect ect. And while I am a worrier anyway i have to know what side effects to lookout for. I know that the lexapro gave me a slight manic episode when I first started it. I know this now looking back. But in the moment i just felt AMAZING.

I know better than to expect the magic fix. That I’ll feel better the day I start taking it. But I still feel the anticipation. Wondering. Will this help? Or only open my world to a new level of hell.

Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “It’s a little bit like dating.

  1. I like your comparison to the feeling of a first date. I started Zoloft about seven months ago and am very grateful that the side effects have been tolerable (nightmares now and then and muscle tremors). I wish I had been more open to trying medication years ago because it has really changed my life. Hope this comment isn’t TMI but your post got me thinking! Good luck with the new medication!

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