Even after the snows gone…

A few months ago during our last bad snow storm, my car was hit. No note. Nothing. Just a big dent in my rear fender, huge chip of paint missing and damage to my tail light.

Thankfully my landlord has cameras all around our building and it was caught on tape.

Turns out it was the snow plow guy.

Nice move jerk.

Apparently my landlord months ago sent him the video and my contact info. We never heard a peep. I just found out who actually hit my car a few weeks ago and have been attempting to get the phone # to call them.

Well I get the guy on the phone today.

I ask if he is who does the snow plowing for my address which he confirms.

I calmly explain to him that I’m calling regarding my car being hit by one of his plows.

His response. Ok.

I’m starting to feel the anger rise now.

I calmly explain that I know my landlord had contacted him about it with the video and contact info but I’d not heard from him.



I wanted to scream. I wanted to tell him what a scumbag he was. That what he did was damned illegal and he’s damn lucky I didn’t file a police report. Sue. Hell. Anything.

What I do say is that there is damage to my car. And this was a hit and run and again remind him this is on tape.

He says he will call some shop and have them fix my car.

I’m so mad I’m shaking as I try to calmly as possible to get the directions to this shop.

I say thank you and hang up.

I can hardly breath I’m so angry.

I really just want to go on a rampage. Find this guy and scream in his face. Tell him everything I’ve been holding in over this for months.

He KNEW. And instead of doing the right thing he drove away. Leaving me with a damaged car and another thing for my mind to fixate on.

He not only damaged my car he damaged me.

Showing once again people don’t care. Why do I try so hard to do everything right to have people just shit all over me time and time again?

I wonder sometimes what it would be like. To not worry about always doing the right thing. Not following all the rules.


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