I’ll take door number two please?

Tomorrow marks my last day on just viibryd. Starting Thursday I will be taking 10mg of viibryd and 25mg of Zoloft.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this. Again it’s like a blind date. But you feel like you’ve been there before “oh he’s soooo nice you’ll love him”

“This has worked really well for a lot of my patients.”

Another SSRI. How many of these do they need to put me on before they realize they don’t work. Lexapro was the only one that helped with the aids of other meds for the anxiety.

Prozac, Paxil, lexapro, viibryd, and now Zoloft.

I don’t think I want what’s behind door number two….

Can I take the mystery box instead??


4 thoughts on “I’ll take door number two please?

  1. I hope everything works out with the change in meds.
    I have a quick question.. I am taking 40 mg of Viibryd and 50 mg of Seroquel how do you like the viibryd? How does it make you feel?
    I’ve been taking both for almost two months now and feel stable (still have my lows at times) than before.

    • I had a pretty rough time on the Viibryd. Bad mood swings, extreme anger, increased anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, joint pain, and hair loss to name a few. Tomorrow marks my last week on Viibryd. I’m ready for it to be a memory. I hope it works out for you though.

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