All I wanted was some Chinese for dinner….


Tonight I splurged a little. Ordered Chinese food…and when I opened my fortune cookie it read…

What you will do matters. All you need is to do it.

Wow gee thanks dinner for getting my brain in a tizzy. Honestly I find it funny. A few different blog posts have been floating through my head all it’s all thrown aside by a silly fortune cookie.

What you will do matters.

What I have done matters.

Today. Of all days my favorite resident from my old job having been discharged from the agency sent me a Facebook request.

A boy who when I first met told me to “Go fuck yourself” at dinner. Defiant. Awkward. Scared. A Boy who had been living on the streets basically till he came to us. A boy who told me when I first met him to “Go fuck myself” at dinner one night.

I think I saw a lot of myself in him. We talked a lot. He grew so much from the boy I first met. And in the end I became one of his favorite staff. He cried the day I had to tell him I was against my wishes being transferred to another unit.

After leaving my job I was not allowed any contact with any residents who were still there. Him included. It made me feel so very honored that he did look me up after his discharge. In a way. I was his mother for a short amount of time. And I feel so proud of what he’s been able to do since I first met him.

What I did matters.

And what I will do matters. I only have to be brave enough to go for it.

And all I thought I was getting was chinese food tonight.


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