When you cut the ties don’t try and tie them back together again.


Awhile back I was unfortunately injured at work…fractured tibial plateau aka the tibia was fractured at the top near the knee.

I was taken out of work for 6 months and during that time I discovered the people I’d thought were my friends at work were truly not.

Not only was I treated poorly by one in particular whom I’d spent a lot of time with outside of work. But then flat out ignored.

She seemed to hold resentment for me because I was unable to work. Although I was injured on the job, and it hurt like hell I finished my 15.5 hour day.

She first told me how I was screwing them all over after being taken out of work. Then she stopped hanging out with me. And then just ignored me all together unless she needed something from me.


In the end I was left confused. Hurt. Wondering what I had done to make her hate me.

What did I do??

Nothing. I wasn’t of any use to her. So she dumped me. Nice right?

So when she sent me a text the other day asking why I no longer worked there.

The correct thing would have been to ignore her. MYOB lady.

But oooh no. I decided it would be a good idea to talk to her.

I explained the horrible situation I was placed in and I felt that I had been treated poorly and left.



She probably was looking for information about the girl who was causing me issues at work. Or dirt in general to start rumors.

Stupid. Oh so stupid. Once again I’m left feeling hurt.

Someday I will be strong enough to just cut these people out of my life for good.


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