I’d like to use the reset button now.


The Zoloft was a bust. Once I hit the 50mg I became more and more depressed. I could hardly stay awake for more than a few hours at a time. And just felt. Blah.

Since my psychiatrist is retiring next month, she at first didn’t want to change my meds again in case she couldn’t see me again before she’s gone. Who ever they are getting to replace her looks like won’t be starting until sometime in September. Awesome.

After explaining to her the extreme depression. Thoughts of suicide. In ability to stay awake or wake up in the mornings she felt it was best to make a change.

And here is where the fun begins. I have now tried just about every SSRI out there. Most make me feel like crap or just stopped working. I’ve taken Effexor XR previously with some results until it just stopped working. So my doctor decided to go down the SNRI route again. This time we are trying Pristiq.

I’m pretty nervous about it since the end results of being on Effexor resulted in checking myself into the psych ward for a week. Pristiq is supposed to be very similar to Effexor. Plus. My insurance is refusing to cover the new med because “there are plenty of other options”. Which I’ve tried. So now I must wait for my doctors office to tell them that it’s needed.

For now the Zoloft has been decreased and I feel like hell. Anxiety is super high. Depression is awful. Sometimes I’m not sure I know what it feels like to not feel this way anymore. I want a do-over. A reset button. Life was not supposed to be like this.


8 thoughts on “I’d like to use the reset button now.

  1. Hang in there… finding the right med takes forever! Very few people find the right one quickly, and most have to go through tons of different ones before they find the one that works for them. But it will happen and when it does, you will feel much better. I know that isn’t exactly comforting since waiting sucks, but just know you aren’t alone having to fight against medication problems.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been pretty lucky up until this point and when I had to do a med change I typically found one that worked fairly well for me. Unfortunately most meds lose their effectiveness for me over time. Now I’ve hit this point in my journey where I’ve either taken the meds and they no longer work, or now make me feel like total poo. This will be the third new med I’ve tried in the past few months…if my insurance will cover it.

  2. Hang tough. Hopefully pristiq will help you. Med changes are not fun. I did 3 before I found the ones that helped (Paxil/Ativan). A friend has been through a ton of meds and is finally not at rock bottom. Have faith that things will improve.

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