And here come the side effects…

Sadly I had my first experience with sleep paralysis the other day. I can only think it was due to the celexa not the Xanax as I’d not taken any yet that day.

It was pretty scary. I was awake enough to know I couldn’t move. If I closed my eyes it was like I felt myself sitting up to move but the second I opened my eyes I was exactly where I had been.

It passed. And I was able to wake myself fully but the lingering feeling of helplessness remains.

I feel so hopeless. If this med doesn’t work…what’s left for me?


5 thoughts on “And here come the side effects…

  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of anyone else that went through this. I did when I was first diagnosed as Bipolar, before meds started. I would wake up and I couldn’t move at all and couldn’t cry for help. It was the worst feeling in the world! There were even times I would be asleep and not be able to wake myself while at the same time trying. I swore to my husband that had I not finally forced to wake myself up I would have died in my sleep. Horrific!

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