Lies that people tell…


It’s an amazing thing how you can have given everything you had to relationships in the past only to find out they turned all the bad around to make you the bad guy. 

It’s been something like 7 or 8 years since my longest and most volitile relationship finally ended. We spent 6 years on again off again. Finally splitting for good when he left me for another girl…such is my life…regardless after some time we remained friends for quite a few years until I got tired of his continued verbal and mental abuse, constantly making me feel stupid and wrong for everything I did. Letting his friends verbally and mentally abuse me for years I cut him off. Now YEARS after not talking I find out through mutual friends that he has been turning the facts of our relationship around to make me the bad guy. He’s apparently been telling his fiancé that I cheated on him the entire time we were together. Not even close to being true. I was stupid in love and was blind to the fact that he cheated on me over and over and over. In fact I believe there was a time he wanted to stop and see a friend because of some reasonable explanation. I sat in the car…forever. Now that I look back. He was cheating on me while I sat in the damn car. 

But oh no. I was the one who cheated and he was 100% faithful according to his fiancé. 

Every relationship since then has always been me going out of my way to make things perfect, all while being ripped apart and put down. 

I will never forget the day my ex fiancé told me one of the reasons he left me was he wanted to be with someone as smart as him.

Calling me stupid, while I held a BFA, a supervisor position at my job and all he had to show for himself was tons of failed collage classes and some time in the navy leaving him one job skill basic welding.  To this day he hasn’t managed much better.  But I’m the stupid one. Who as a side hobby does editing work for a photography studio even tho I can’t manage to work long I do a few photos every day. 

Not that I’m trying to brag…I just need to remember what these people say is not true and they have to lie to make themselves feel better.

Which leads to the current ex. The lies he tells himself and others about me is astounding. While I struggled daily with my mental health, some days hardly able to function he spent that time cheating and planning on leaving me. But according to him I’m a pathetic person who’s life is going nowhere. Ect I know I’ve talked about all this already. 

What makes me confused is how I will fully admit to the things I did wrong, or that maybe they couldn’t handle my mental illness, but never have I lied about the facts of things. Yet I am always the only one to blame for things ending. Maybe they just can’t face the truth of what they did was so wrong. 


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