And things started off so well…

My mind is having a field day with me today.  I keep swinging between feeling overly motivated I’m going to talk a mile a minuet, and take care of everything on my to do list…to so overwhelmed with anxiety I don’t know whats going on anymore.

I’ve already erased and re-written this post many times today.  Thankfully as I write I start to realize this BRILLIANT idea I HAD to write about is really just ramblings of my over thinking/working mind before I posted any of that silliness.  I’m finding my ability to filter these things weakening.

I’m getting moodier.  Everything pisses me off now.  For no reason.  *sigh*  Makes being around people hard.  Honestly I’ve not left the house in days.  I KNOW I need to, but I can’t take other people.  Monday brings my next appointment which I atleast have to walk to, good thing, I need it.

I know I need to write some of these things down for my appointment on Monday or I will never remember to talk about it with my therapist. I’ve also been all but out of my Valium.  That DOES NOT HELP.  I took a half of a 5mg awhile ago.  I realized it might be one of those times I was saving it for.  I gotta stop this feeling of spinning out of control.


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